Words to Recover By

The beginning of the spring semester of my freshman year of college (winter/spring 2011) was pretty rough for me. My ex-roommate and I had not gotten along very well towards the end of the fall semester and coming back after a month at home was a rude awakening. I really missed my family and I felt disconnected from my friends and confused in my new classes. I started to restrict a bit on a daily basis and I was really struggling with ED thoughts.

I wanted to find some way to stay positive. So I started putting Post-Its in my planner and writing encouraging words on them every week. Every time I'd look in my planner to check what homework I had or to write in an assignment, I'd see the words and feel more empowered to kick ED's butt and enjoy my life.

Here are a few examples of what I wrote to myself:

YOU are stronger than your anorexia

You are strong, beautiful and loved

No problem is too big for God :)

You are more than just a # on a scale
Show love to yourself
You are worth fighting for!
Food=fuel, not the enemy!

Why waste your time COUNTING when you could use it LIVING?

"I'm beautiful in my way/'Cause God makes no mistakes..."

Hopefully, these words can serve as encouragement to you in your tough times!