Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vacation Recap!

Thank you all again SO much for your responses to this post. I never would have guessed six months ago when I first started this blog that anyone would ever read it, let alone comment. You are all amazing, never forget that :)

Today, instead of my usual Fave Five Friday, I'll be sharing a photo recap of my vacation to Estes Park, Colorado! My family and I have been going there every summer for as long as I can remember and it's one of our favorite in-state destinations. Estes Park is a cute little touristy town, but it isn't lame and boring. It's only a few miles from Rocky Mountain National Park (home to the famous Longs Peak) and the town itself has tons of shops, restaurants and outdoor activities.

This was our first time going to EP for the 4th of July and man, was it crowded! It's usually pretty busy on the weekends but this year it was crazy. It was almost impossible to find parking, so we got a lot of walking in ;) But it was cool being there for the 4th, because we actually got to see fireworks. If we'd stayed at home, there wouldn't have been any fireworks nearby because of a fire ban. So it was totally worth all the crowds and stupid out-of-state drivers!

Hummus pizza (vegan)

The pool!
Model status (just kidding!)
Santa likes to drink apparently...

Strawberry froyo in a handmade marshmallow-flavored waffle cone

Lake Estes

My dad--King of the Rock!

Sunshine veggie burger with jalapenos

Chilling by the pool

Fourth of July fireworks

Awkward wolf sculpture in a store front

A restaurant that serves cereal?! My kinda place :)

Rainy mountains

Pool time with my sistah

Hugh Jass salad: lettuce, Craisins, strawbs, sliced almonds, raspberry vinaigrette

Peace out, USA!

Lawn Lake alluvial fan

Legit license plate purse

What is your favorite thing about vacations?


  1. Looks like you had a great time :)
    And I love your blog Ash!
    Don't doubt everyone's support and love for you :) You deserve it all <3

  2. The license plate purse looks super cute, and the hummus pizza looks and sounds really good! I've never heard of that but would love to try, I wish we had it here. Of course I could probably try to make it somehow...

    As far as support and comments on that post go... the blogging community is amazing like that :). People, myself included, really are here for ya :).


  3. ahh love all the pics!! u look so cute!!!

  4. Mmm, that pizza looks super yummy. I'm glad you had fun. My favorite part of vacations (if ED can keep his ugly mouth shut) is the food of different cultures. I LOVE trying anything and everything.

    Thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog by the way. It really means so much to me, and reading it made me feel better about my situation. Love you, girly.

  5. Looks like fun!
    I REALLY need fruit on my salad. It has been a reoccuring theme lately. (0:


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