Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Way Back Wednesday: "At 19, Everything is Possible and Tomorrow Looks Friendly."

19 years ago today, I was born in Desert Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. I don't remember anything about that day (obviously!) except what my parents have told me--it was at the beginning of the 1992 Summer Olympics (held in Barcelona), my mom was in labor for about 36 hours before I was delivered by C-section and it was super-hot, in the 110s.

In those 19 years, I've accomplished a lot, been through a lot, probably more than I'd have ever imagined. As a little girl, I thought my life as a teenager would be carefree and easy, just like on TV shows. On my birthday every year, I dug into my cake without caring about how many calories or fat were in it. I just enjoyed the moment and didn't worry about what would happen to me in the next year. A lot has changed since then, but I'm still that innocent, fun-loving little girl at heart.

To celebrate, I decided to share 19 moments that have happened over the years that were important to me, shaped me as a person or were just fun.

[Age 1]: I learned to talk at 9 months (and haven't stopped since ;) )

8 months old (sorry about the bad photo quality--I had to take a picture of a picture!)

[Age 2]: We moved to Colorado Springs from Arizona.
14 months old
[Age 3]: I started taking dance classes--and didn't stop until I was 15!

[Age 4]: Preschool. My mom wanted to hold me back, because I was younger than most of the other kids and not as socially-mature, but my dad persuaded her to let me start kindergarten.

First dance recital
 [Age 5]: Kindergarten. On the first day, I marched off into class and didn't look back! I wish school was that easy again...

[Age 6]: I got my first think-it-through (an elementary school discipline thing) and it made me so upset that I lied to my parents (for the first time ever, I think!) about it.

[Age 7]: I started second grade at a new elementary school.

Easter! I always loved digging into my basket and devouring the candy (especially Jelly Bellies)
  [Age 8]: I met my (former) best friend, Jenna. We were inseperable until high school.

[Age 9]: I fractured my right ankle and had to be in a cast (glow-in-the-dark!) for a couple of months. I was in karate and acro dance at the time, but we never figured out exactly how I broke it. I was just disappointed that I didn't get to use crutches LOL!

[Age 10]: I started playing soccer with the YMCA in the fall (my team was the Golden Buffaloes).

I remember many camping trips when I was younger

[Age 11]: I got my ears pierced for my 11th birthday, but six months later, one of of them got infected and I ended up having to go to urgent care to get it taken out! Needless to say, I never got anything pierced after that!

[Age 12]: I started playing the tenor saxophone for my middle school band and jazz band. Yes, I used to be a band geek!

[Age 13]: I celebrated my 13th birthday with a sleepover and mall scavenger hunt with some of my friends.

[Age 14]: I started high school.

I also started a fashion blog (this was one of my first pictures for it)
 [Age 15]: I got my driver's permit, quit dance and joined the Yearbook staff.

Family vacay
[Age 16]: I got my license (and later, started recovering from my eating disorder).

[Age 17]: I graduated high school in May.

Graduation night!

[Age 18]: I started (and got through) my first year of college.

[Age 19]: Nothing yet--but I'm starting my sophomore year, I'm living on my own...who knows what may happen!

Ready to take on the world (at almost 19)!

What is one of your favorite birthday memories?


  1. Aww, I love the Way Back Wednesday blog and the pics from throughout the years! It makes me feel old though because I remember the 1992 Olympics and that's when you were born. Bet your mom was super glad to see you after that labor and heat :).


  2. Cute post. :) It's nice to see your childhood pictures and focus on your accomplishment!! I was 8 years old when '92 Olympics occurred!

    I don't remember it though (I did not watch much TV while growing up). :)

  3. Circa 1992, remember?

    You are so freaking cute and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  4. Um so you have always been super cute!!! :)
    This was a fun post. Happy birthday!!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASH!!!!!! I loved this post- such an awesome original idea, and the pics are amazing! I hope you had a wonderful birthday- you deserve it!


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