Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's No Joking Matter

Hi girlies! Sorry I haven't been around lately. I honestly have had no writing inspiration at all...until today, that is.

Last night, I happened to catch part of an educational show called "Fighting Fat". It was all about obesity, as you can imagine, and they were talking about different ways to combat the issue.

The only part I really saw was an interview with one woman who'd gone through gastric bypass surgery and had lost a lot of weight. However, she still wasn't at a healthy weight and she admitted to that. I think she was a stand-up comedian, and they showed one of her shows. She joked that "luckily, I've overcome my anorexia". Everyone in the audience laughed at that, but it made my heart twinge a little. I realized at that moment that jokes about anorexia really don't make me feel good.

I never really thought about it before, probably because I've never really encountered stuff like that. But I honestly really hate when people joke about it (especially people who have never personally experienced it) or when they belittle it. Anorexia (and all eating disorders) are real diseases that affect a lot of people--not just those that have it. So in my book, making fun of it or saying "Why don't you just eat?" are not okay.

There are so many misconceptions about EDs that I could go on an on about, but all I want to say is that they ARE NOT a choice--they are a disease just like cancer and ADHD. Anorexics aren't just vain girls (and guys) that stop eating so they can look better. There are real psychological issues behind the disorder and it's time that people start realizing that.

What do you think about eating disorder jokes?


  1. I agree with you Ash. I can't really stand ED jokes. I think it is because I'm still so early in my recovery and having gone through some relapses in the past has made me more sensitive, I should say?

    I feel that those jokes continue to make EDs a stigma and something to be ashamed about. There should be education and awareness about eating disorders to reduce shame and fear.

  2. It really disgusts me too. A few months ago, my department at work went out to eat at a restaurant called Fatz Cafe. Well, I asked a question about the menu, I think I asked if a particular soup was vegetarian... and the server replied "We call this restaurant FATS for a reason!", just like that.

    I don't know if he was trying to make a joke or what, but it wasn't funny... to me it just trivializes such a serious and overlooked matter.


  3. I cant handle ED jokes. They arent funny and they just create so much stigma. I give people nasty looks if I ever hear someone say anything joking about ED's.


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