Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feeling Hot Hot Hot...Or Not

Hey girlies, thanks for all the wise words on my last post. They were just what I needed to get back on track with my eating.

My first week of my sophomore year is almost over (!) and so far, I've been enjoying it. I like my classes for the most part (minus statistics, but I hate math anyways) and I'm really loving having my own room. It's been amazing to be able to come back after classes and just relax and not have to deal with a roommate, and be able to wake up and go to sleep whenever I want.

That's my schedule for this semester. You probably can't read it, plus some of the classes aren't shown in the picture, so I'll just give you all a quick rundown. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have Individual & Family Development at 10, then Public Relations at 1. Friday I also have a Statistics recitation at 3. On Tuesday and Thursday, I have Statistics at 9 (I hate having class this early, but it hasn't been too awful yet), American West Since 1900 at 11 (it's a history class) and then Newswriting at 1. I really love the newswriting class, since it's in my major and my professor is super funny. And the class is really small, like 15 people, so I feel like it's more personal. It's weird because I'm in two 300 level classes, which I guess are usually mostly juniors, so whenever I go to those classes, the professors are like "You guys are so mature. Well then again, you are juniors!" Haha, it makes me feel really mature, since I'm just a sophomore.

So I was feeling great all week...until yesterday. Around lunch, I started feeling sick, but in a weird way. I had a strange feeling in my throat and some nausea, but I brushed it off and went to class. By the time I got there, I was feeling worse. I could barely concentrate during class because I thought I was going to throw up (TMI, sorry). Plus I was suddenly freezing, even though it was 90+ degrees outside.

Well, I made it through class and then walked back to my room. As soon as I got back, I tried to sleep. I was alternating between being too cold and too hot and I still felt crappy. But I was able to nap for almost 2 hours, and I felt a little better afterwards. I looked up my symptoms on WebMD and I guessed that I had heat exhaustion. Definitely a possibility, since I had been walking to and from classes for 45 minutes in 90 degree heat.

After my nap, I was kinda hungry so I had a small snack. But afterwards, I felt horrible again. At this point, the ED voice kicked in and was telling me that obviously, eating was out of the question, since I felt sick again afterwards. But...I was able to push those voices aside and I was able to eat a small dinner and a nighttime snack. I knew I had to fuel my body, even though it didn't make me feel awesome.

Today, I've still been feeling a little "off" but definitely much better. And I've continued to fuel my body, because I know it needs it.

Have you ever dealt with heat exhaustion? If you're in college (or ever were), what is/was your favorite class?


  1. yes! im not used to this weather in CA now so i know how ur feeling.. ive been off all week.. but its just a hump we all gt over it.. dont let ED do anything naughty! :D

  2. I've never had to deal with heat exhaustion, but the heat definitely does effect you! I remember back in high school, I was in Marching Band, and every year we had a couple kids who got it. I could see where walking to class for that length of time, in that heat, could do it too, and hopefully you feel better soon!

    Good luck with news writing, your classes sound super fun because that's what I studied in college too (Professional Writing).


  3. You did a right thing by continuing to eat even though you did not feel well!

    I have never had a heat exhaustion before, but my husband did (he played football in college) and it seemed like he had flu. But it was really heat exhaustion. Weird.

    I hope you feel better!!!

  4. Your class schedule looks amazing! Your Newswriting class sounds really interesting and that's great that it's small with a more personal feel. That's awesome that you're in two 300 level classes with juniors- you go girl!

    Ugh, I'm sorry you got heat exhaustion, that sounds miserable (never had it before myself)! I'm so glad you're feeling better now. That's awesome that you continued to fuel your body despite not feeling well- I know that's not easy to do, so good for you for being brave and doing what was best for your body and mind! <3


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