Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Lucky. Period!

Sorry about the bad pun, guys! I just thought it would lighten the mood because I want to bring up a topic that is pretty important in the recovery blog world. And of course, I’m talking about getting your period back.
I’ve read a lot of posts on various blogs discussing this, and basically what I’ve concluded is that it’s different for everyone, just like everything else is. Some get theirs back at a fairly low, or even underweight BMI, while others are within the healthy range and still don’t. Some wait several months or even years for theirs to return, and others wait only a few months.
I’ve always felt a little left out when it comes to this topic. I was a ‘late bloomer’, so basically, I didn’t EVER get my period before my ED (or of course when I was deep within it). In fact, I went 17 years of my life without having stomach cramps or having to use a tampon. Some people might say I’m lucky, and I guess in some ways I am. I’ve only had my period for a little over a year, thanks to birth control, and because of that, they are considerably lighter and more regulated than they would be naturally (I’m guessing). But as you can imagine, I felt really awkward throughout middle and most of high school when probably almost every other girl had theirs and I didn’t. I felt like kind of a freak, but most of the time, it didn’t bug me because I felt ‘lucky’ to not have to deal with all of it.
So of course, it kind of scared me when my ex-therapist suggested (no, actually DEMANDED) that I start taking birth control to jumpstart my periods. She was mostly just concerned that I would be at risk for osteoporosis, since I had never gotten my period, and most women do before they’re 16 or 17. My doctor agreed, so my mom got the prescription, and told me that I should start taking them after I was finished performing in a variety show at my school (since she didn’t want it to be an issue during the performances). Well…I didn’t start taking them until January 2010, about 4 months after the show was over. Why? Because I was scared of the side effects, especially the possible weight gain. But my parents practically forced me, and I started taking them. Luckily, they weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be, plus I noticed no adverse side effects (no weight gain!) And as a bonus, they got rid of my acne, which was great! The only bad part was getting used to having a period. It was just so strange, since my sister had gotten hers naturally about 6 months before me, and she’s 3 1/2 years younger than me! But as I was saying, everyone’s different. And honestly, I do feel lucky to finally have my period, even if it is because of BC, and I feel even luckier that mine is relatively light and consistent. Everyone’s different, and some people, like me, just need a little extra help getting theirs. And there’s nothing wrong with that!
Q’s: Do you have your period back? If so, how long did it take to return? If not, why do you want yours back (health reasons, want to have kids, etc.)
*Hopefully this post wasn’t too awkward (if any guys were reading, LOL). I just wanted to share my views and personal story on this important topic.


  1. I agree that this is a very important topic- thank you for sharing your views!!

    I have my period back. :-) My period was weird throughout my eating disorder- didn't get it for 6 months, then it came back but I only got it every few months, and finally I started birth control about a year and a half ago and I've had a period every month since. BC improved my skin and my overall mood too- I'm very thankful for it!

  2. I have always had my period except when I was 19. My period was gone for 6 months. Then I gained weight and got my period back. I have always had low BMI/low side of healthy weight spectrum and still had my periods because of Pill I was on.

    When I went off Pill, my period was just 2 days long. Then I got on a different form of birth control; Implanon, and I don't have my period anymore. One of the side effects of having Implanon is no perids, or light periods. It looks like I have no period.

    I am not sure if it's becasuse of my ED or is it because of my Implanon.

    And good thing for us to discuss about though so this is not awkward!

  3. I was a late bloomer too, I got mine on my 16th birthday and lost it just after my 18th. I am now 20, finally after inpatient I am at a healthy weight and I am STILL waiting my period to return!

  4. Hey Ash. I actually meant to ask you about this a while ago. I asked my Dr about BC a few months back. And she said it wouldn't do any good for my bones. Her reasoning was something like this: studies have shown that in girls who lose their periods because of low body weight, the period caused by BC didn't do anything for their bone density. The only thing that helped fix their bones was a natural period from weight gain. It's not just the estrogen that helps the bones, it's a bunch of other hormones as well that are only produced when at a healthy weight. So in essence, the BC does produce an artificial period, but that period doesn't help with reversing bone loss.
    So...I was just wondering if you knew anything about this. That whole schpeel of mine was just my Dr's reason for not perscribing it for me. She basically said it would be pointless, since it wouldn't change my bones one bit.
    But, my Dr might be wrong...I don't want to scare you with any of this.
    I'm glad you have your period and that it's light and easily manageable

  5. No period for me....I think I might never get it back because I have been so long without it (11 years). I think the longer you go without your period the more at risk you are for infertility.
    That sucks major socks.

  6. My period has been a major pain ever since I got it when I was 12, lol. It was never regular, then disappeared completely for 2 years when I was sick. It eventually came back, but it still leaves on vacation sometimes. It's very frustrating and a little scary, actually.

    Glad yours is managable!

  7. I'm on my period cuz of BC, too!
    I often wonder if I would get it now if I wasn't on it.. I have gained a few pounds since I started taking it, and I'm not as restrictive as I was then.. Hmm..
    Anyway, I like this post even if it is awkward for some ;) haha


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