Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I Ate Monday

Hey everyone! I loved all your comments on my last post about shopping! It’s so great to be able to wear clothes you love and feel good in them.
I’ve been wanting to do a post covering all the food I eat in a typical day, and Kimi’s recent post (thanks girl!) inspired me to do it. I’m nervous for the reaction I might get, but everyone’s different, especially when it comes to how much food you need. I have been maintaining on roughly this amount (1500-1600 calories) for several months, with small fluctuations, so it definitely works for me. So, just a warning, don’t compare yourself to anyone! Some people need to eat more, some less but it’s all okay as long as you’re healthy! So…here goes! But first, a close-up of the very yummy PB&J I had on Saturday night. It’s called the Prickly Cactus, and it has multigrain bread, raspberry-jalapeno jelly, chipotle PB, baby spinach and chopped peanuts sprinkled on it. It was spicy and so different than a normal PB&J but so much better!
Mmmm, spicy!

Now onto what I ate yesterday! I started out my morning with some mocha overnight oats. First time I tried this combination, and it was so good, plus it gave me a little caffeine burst! Basically just quick rolled oats, some almond milk (just tried it yesterday and it’s the best) and half a packet of Starbucks mocha Via instant coffee. On the side was a spicy veggie sausage pattie and a Medjool date stuffed with crunchy almond butter.
Looks yucky, but so yummy
I had a very brown breakfast, apparently
Lunch, as usual, was on-the-go between classes. I packed an Apple Cinnamon Pure bar (not my favorite flavor, but still good), Kashi TLC crackers with crunchy almond butter, water and a big juicy Pink Lady apple!

I also packed an afternoon snack, since Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays are my days that I have four hours in a row of classes and I don’t go back to my dorm til around 6. I love making my own trail mixes so that’s what I did: a serving of Udi’s cranberry granola (I love that it’s made in my state, but surprisingly, I never tried it before), a handful of Annie’s Pretzel Bunnies (so cute!) and some Cocoa Roast almonds.
Trail mix!

Close-up of the pretzel bunnies (and carrot)--ignore the words haha

I didn't eat this bunny! My grandma sent this for Easter...it's too cute :)
I was really looking forward to dinner, because it was leftovers from my vegan gyro. Surprisingly, I wasn’t really hungry around dinner, but I ate what I was planning on anyway. The rest of the gyro, some baby carrots and a homemade peppermint mocha (made with half a mocha Starbucks Via, water, Truvia and 1/4 cup of chocolate peppermint soy milk). It was so yummy, even though I wasn’t hungry.
My gyro! (Get it, like 'My Hero'?)
Dried up carrots (ew!)
Ugly, but yummy

But after dinner was a completely different story. An hour before snack time, my stomach started hurting from intense hunger! I waited it out, then had a huge bowl of Kashi Berry Blossoms cereal, topped with dried apples and peaches. Afterwards, I was still a little hungry, so I had a little more cereal.
Sorry about the awful lighting, it was nighttime!
Made in my state!
So that was my Monday! Oh, and I wore one of my new pairs of shorts yesterday, and I didn’t regret it, even though it got cold and cloudy in the afternoon.
Q’s: What was your favorite thing you ate yesterday (or today)?


  1. Faveourite thing I ate yesterday? Either lamb meatballs or Energyboost smoothie from boost juice bar. :)

    That trail mix looks great! xxx

  2. I found your blog on Kimi's so I'm going to follow along :). I hope that's okay :).

    I love, love, LOVE Pink Lady apples :). My hubby and I both do, actually. That's our favorite kind. Plus, we just tried dates for the first time this past weekend and loved those too :). But yeah, I do agree that dates with oats can make a brown breakfast, haha.

    My favorite thing I ate today was my block of ghirardelli dark chocolate. So yum :).


  3. Everything looks so good!!
    Hmm... my favoriteee thinggg... cool mint chocolate clif bar probably, it tasted extra good today!


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