Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm So Fly...

Hahaha just kidding, but I’m pretty much writing this on the fly because I’ve been incredibly busy this week. It was my “dead week” this week (or the crazy-busy week before finals, for those of you not in college) and I pretty much had something due every day. On Tuesday, I met up with my ad agency group from my advertising course to go over our presentation that was on Wednesday. It ended up going for 2 full hours, even though we basically did nothing, so I ended up walking back to my room in the dark. But it was all good, it wasn’t too cold and no one attacked me (like I always freak out about at night). Wednesday I had a conference with my composition professor about my big paper due this Thursday and then in the afternoon I had my agency presentation, which went pretty well. I was actually the only freshman in my group, and in the class, too, so I felt like I did just as well as the upperclassmen. Thursday was my first final, and the one I was most freaked out about. It didn’t seem too hard, so I hope I did pretty well on it. Me and my friend in that class always talk about how hard it is, but we both think we did okay on the final. And yesterday was the last day of classes of my freshman year! Gosh, time really does fly!
Today I’m supposed to be studying my butt off, because I have four finals next week! One I’m not at all worried about, because it’s open-note! I just have to take a few notes and I’m good. My other three finals aren’t cumulative, either, so I’m trying not to stress about them too much. I have all of Wednesday to study for the last two, and then after my last final on Thursday, I’m outta here! I’m so ready to be home for three months. I’ve really missed seeing my family for more than just a weekend, having my own bathroom, doing yoga outside and of course, cooking! I hope I can get right back in the kitchen next weekend because microwave cooking is getting really old.
My only stress right now (besides finals, duh!) is packing up all my stuff! Really, I have a lot of stuff in this tiny dorm and it’s all gotta go…home, that is! My family’s coming up tomorrow (yay!) because it’s Mother’s Day and they’re also taking back most of my stuff. So I’ve also got to pack today. I’ve never really minded packing, it’s kind of fun, but I have so much it’s not even funny.
This morning, I went for a nice 20 minute walk around campus. It was so nice…and unusually warm! My weather app on my iPod said it was only 70, but it felt like 80! About halfway through my walk, I started to get lightheaded and my head started to hurt. I really wasn’t sure why, I didn’t feel like 20 minutes was overkill. Now, I’d be lying if I didn’t say my walk was partly ED-fueled, but it was mostly because I wanted to enjoy the sun and warm weather. But when I got back to my dorm, I didn’t feel guilty at all that it was only 20 minutes because of how weird I felt. Don’t worry, I drank a lot of water when I got back and I feel so much better now! Even though I’m still struggling with exercising because ED tells me to, I’m trying to listen to my body, too, and give it what it wants.
A tulip I saw on my walk!
I guess I should probably start studying, so enjoy the rest of your weekend, ladies!
Q’s: What’s the weather like where you are? What are you stressing about now?


  1. a 20 minute walk is great- much needed for a stressful studying time!! its almost over girl!!.. the weather is CRAZY HERE! it was raining this morning then sunny this afternoon!

  2. Good luck with studying for finals, Ash!!! I'm in the same boat- classes ended on Friday so this weekend I'm writing final papers and studying for exams non-stop (that's what I'm stressing about right now, too)! Hang in there, you're almost done for the summer, and you're going to dominate your exams!!! <3

  3. Good luck with finals! I bet you'll do great.

    I, unlike most people it seems, am actually just starting the semester, so it is stressful getting back into everything. I have at least 2 papers, a presentation, and of course exams this term, so I will be busy.

    Hang in there and don't forget to breath!

  4. I remember the college days....good old days. Ha ha ha. I'm sure glad I don't have to go through that cycle of stressing about packing and studying for finals! I don't miss that part! ;) But good luck!

    I am stressing out about finalizing wedding stuff. I'm trying to figure out if I want to spend $50 on the stickers for my favors, but it is free shipping. I am also waiting to hear from one seller about the hanger for my dress before I finalize my order for the favors thing. Ah, wedding planning is so much fun, but spending isn't! Ha ha ha.

    It is 60 degrees here. Beautiful and warm! :) I want it go into upper 60s though!

  5. The final stretch! Good for you for taking some breaks and don't stress it will be over soon enough and you will be making something fly in an oven soon.


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