Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day is for Shopping!

Hi everybody! Have you all been having a fantastic weekend so far? Hope you’re enjoying your day off (if you have one)!
My weekend has been busy, just the way I like it. Sometimes I just like to stay home and chill, but I get bored after about a day of that. I like getting out of the house and doing something, it doesn’t necessarily have to cost money. However, my day yesterday definitely required a little spending, which I didn’t mind at all!
In the two weeks I’ve been home so far, I’ve been doing a lot of chores around the house. I’m not a huge fan of some of these chores (hello, cleaning the bathroom!) but if I can earn some money and make my mom happy, then I’m more than willing to do it. I’ve also been making “wish lists” of clothes I wanted to buy and when I finally made enough money to justify a shopping trip, I went! My mom and sister tagged along (even though my sister had no money) and so began our afternoon of shopping!
I ended up buying 5 things yesterday and (almost) ran out of money. At Hollister, I bought a red floral romper for $20, a pair of coral flip-flops for $10 and a pair of khaki shorts for $18. Oh, and I also had a coupon to take 30% off my entire purchase, so everything ended up costing only $35! What a steal!



Khaki shorts

Next we hit up American Eagle. This weekend only, everything in the store was 30% off! Of course I had to check it out. I left with a lime green striped oversize tee that I got for $18.

Lime green tee and denim shorts

Finally, we went to Abercrombie Kids. I know that it’s technically a kids store, but their sizes go up to a kids size 16, so I can usually find something that fits me for a lower price than a similar style at Abercrombie & Fitch. I scored a pair of cuffed denim shorts for a little over $20!
We also stopped for some gelato on our way home. Gelazzi is the best place for gelato EVER, so if you’re ever in the Denver or Fort Collins area, make sure you check them out. I got half birthday cake, half soy chocolate and was not disappointed!
Back at home, I tried my stuff on. I was slightly anxious when I realized that the shorts and the romper fit a little tighter than I expected them to. Not skintight by any means, but I’m used to my clothes fitting kinda loosely. The tee was of course pretty roomy, but I was expecting the rest of my stuff to fit differently. I have shorts that I bought just a couple of months ago from the same stores, and they’re in the same sizes and fit a little looser. I asked my mom what she thought and she thought they fit me fine. The romper was what I was most anxious about, since I’ve heard rompers are supposed to fit loosely. Mine only has a few inches of space in the body and a little more room in the legs, but I still feel a little self-conscious in it.
Here’s my dilemma: I love to shop, but the way clothes fit me and the size I wear both make me really nervous. If I have to go up a size (just because the cut is different) I will usually end up not buying it. I usually look for clothes that aren’t body skimming, but more flowy and loose. I wish I could feel more confident in clothes that fit my body well, but I feel like they show off my body too much. Right now, I’m really struggling to like what I see in the mirror. Every time I take a picture of myself, I think my thighs and arms look huge and my stomach is so round. I honestly don’t know if that’s what I actually look like or what ED is telling me I look like. I just wish for one day that I could see myself the way I truly am. I’m so sick of this body dysmorphia.
Q’s: Do you like to shop? How do you combat your ‘bad body’ days?


  1. I think you look great in the romper! It is def. NOT too tight - don't believe ED's lies. I do the same thing though, so I know it can be hard. We just have to ignore the "fat" thoughts and eventually they will start to disappear.

    I don't shop very often, but yesterday I did buy a super cute dress and scarf from Old Navy. It only cost around $10 for both because they were on clearance plus my mom had a coupon!


  2. The romper is definitely not too tight, it looks cute on you (I'm not a romper girl, sorry). I go to Abercrombie kids too, their polo shirts are exactly like the ones in the adult store and don't run THAT much smaller but are like $5-$10 cheaper so yeah :).

    I went shopping today and bought a few things... a couple shirts and a pair of jeans. I agree that shopping with an ED can be crazy hard though. The shorts you have from awhile back are probably looser just because they've been washed and stuff, and sometimes different cuts of clothes just fit different. I've actually gone into stores and had size 0 jeans fit and size 00 almost fall off because of the cut. You look great- don't worry about it (yeah, I know, easier said than done...)

    I wish I knew how to cope with bad body days =(.


  3. You look amazing! Sometimes it is so impossible to shut up the stupid voices in your head, but you just have to do your best and ignore them, you look fantastic in all your outfits!x

  4. i LOVE the romper!! girl ur style is AWESOMESACUE!

  5. I love, love, LOVE your new clothes, Ash!!! If we lived in the same area I'd totally suggest going shopping!
    I know what you mean about body image thoughts being distressing- I am dealing with the same thing right now, especially since it's so hot out and I have to break out the summer clothes. I promise you though that ED is lying to you!!! You are very petite and the clothes look amazing on you. The romper fits you perfectly! I know it's scary to start wearing more form-fitting clothing, but it's a good thing to practice- it shows the ED who is boss! I feel like the more you challenge your body dysmorphia by wearing more form-fitting clothes, the more you will start to recognize that ED is a liar.
    Keep being your fabulous self with your fabulous fashion sense! <3

  6. Love the romper! I want one sooooooo badly!!!! And I also like that lime green shirt - so pretty!

    I get what you mean. I don't like wearing skin-tight things, but I dance so much in the leotards and tights, which fit to the exact shape of my body. I sometimes I don't like it (and I used to hate it ALL the time) but I just tell myself that I'm really not that big, or that I look pretty good. After I while, I start to believe it!

    As for the question, "Do you like to shop?" you mean food shop? I actually really dislike clothes shopping. I love looking for the clothes, but I HATE having to try them on. It's so boring! Then after a while I get tired....yeah, I'm not really a fan. But put me in a supermarket and I'm good for hours! :-)

  7. You look so gorgeous in all your purchuses Ash! I can relate to the size issues when it comes to clothes but I've come to accept that the size is just a number and that if I like the way I look in an outit, it shouldn't matter if the size is larger. I try to challenge my bad body image by wearing clothes that I normally wouldn't be comfertable in- ie. tight t-shirts etc. It's scary but worth beating ED. And, over time, it helps to build confidence.


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