Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Finally Here!

Well, girls, it’s finally here…summer! I am officially no longer a freshman, though I never consider myself in the next grade until the summer’s over and school starts again. So I’m not quite a sophomore, but I’m definitely not a freshman! Woohoo!
The last two days were kind of crappy, weather-wise. I can’t believe on Tuesday I was wearing a sleeveless dress and studying outside in the sunshine (and I got a little sunburned haha) and on Wednesday it rained pretty much all day. I’ve lived in dry states my entire life, so rain almost all day two days in a row felt so weird and way too wet for me. It probably really only rained an inch or two total over both days, since the rain was light, but to me it seemed like I was in Seattle! Now I know I’ll never move anywhere that it rains regularly!
I am so glad to have all my finals behind me. Yesterday dragged on, because I was so anxious for my mom to come up so we could take my stuff and then get out of there. It felt so surreal to check out and return my keys. It really hasn’t felt like an entire school year has gone by since I started college! Time really does fly fast. In a way, it was sad, but I was mostly just happy to move on with my life. This year was both good and bad, but I’m kinda glad it’s over.
After we loaded up all my stuff (literally, it took up the entire trunk and back row of our mid-size SUV!), my mom and I went to Mad Greens (a salad place I mentioned in this post) as a little celebration dinner. I’ve loved every salad I’ve ever gotten from there, but the one I had last night was really good! It was called the Don Quixote and it was kind of Southwestern inspired, with spinach, grilled corn, fresh avocado, grilled chicken, a spicy yogurt dressing and my favorite—mango! I love fruit so much, so anytime I can get some (especially fresh and cold) I always do! The only thing I would have added was black beans.
Today has been pretty chill. A lot warmer and sunnier than yesterday and Wednesday, but it feels more like March than May. Oh well, I know summer weather is just around the corner. I had so much fun unpacking all my stuff this morning (not!) I’m just happy that my room is clean now because I can’t stand having stuff all over my floor!
I’m gonna leave you with a delicious food pic! Sadly, it’s not of my salad last night (which was huge, btw) but of my lunch today! I’ve recently gotten really into making vegan quesadillas. All you do is take a large tortilla (the Ezekiel sprouted kind is my fave), slice up some chunks of soy or almond cheese (I used some jalapeno-flavored almond cheese in mine) and pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds or until the ‘cheese’ is all melty and the tortilla is a little crispy! So good, and (in my opinion) better than an actual quesadilla.
Lunch today--vegan quesadilla made with a light Flat Out wrap, jalapeno almond cheese, Pink Lady apple (love!), carrots, salsa for dippage and a Kashi cereal bar

Q’s: If your summer has started, how is it so far? If not, what are you looking forward to most this summer?


  1. I'm looking forward to swimming outside! Even though I live in Florida I'm a wimp and I wait until late June.

  2. YAYAAYAY for being done girl!i m so jealous! i wna be in college!

  3. I feel ya about the weather, girl. Where I am, it's warm and in the mid 70s-80's for like 3 days, and then randomly goes back to 60 and rainy for another 2 or 3 days. It's annoying!

    I have a lot of family in Hungary, and I usually visit them every other year. This year, my best friend is coming with me and my mom. That's one thing I'm definitely looking forward to.

  4. Congrats on making it through your first year of college!

    I have school pretty much all year round, but I am looking forward to warm weather so I can study outside and work on my tan at the same time! :)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS, ASH!!!!!!!!!! <3
    You are going to love sophomore year- so much better than freshman year!

    p.s. You eat the most amazing, delicicious-looking food!

  6. I wish I still had summer :(. Well, obviously I have the season, but with working, no time off :(. Guess that's how it goes when you grow up- but glad that your summer has started. That quesadilla idea sounds really yummy too, I may have to try making them in the microwave for a quick snack :).

    Glad you got your finals over with too! As for moving from college, it's so amazing how you acquire so much stuff over the course of a semester, huh? I always wondered where it all came from when time to move out!


  7. Yay!!!! I am excited for hopefully going to the beach and sunny times and i hope you have an amaaazing summer!


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