Thursday, March 3, 2011

An (Almost) Good Day

Happy Thursday, girlies! Hope you’ve had a great day and are looking forward to the weekend. I’m just looking forward to next weekend, which is the start of my spring break!
So today’s post will be kinda short, just an update on the things from yesterday’s post and a little rant at the end which hopefully won’t be too negative.
I had a really nice time tonight with my friend. We just went out to eat, at the salad place I mentioned recently called Mad Greens. It was her first time there, and she loved her salad. I liked mine a lot, too. I got a Greek kind of salad, with Kalamata olives, citrus grilled chicken, onions, lettuce (of course!), tomatoes, cucumber yogurt dressing and edamame. Yeah, that’s kinda random, but I asked for no feta and the woman serving me asked if I wanted to substitute something, so I said edamame ‘cause I love it! Plus it’s a healthy fat (just like the olives), and I know I could use a little more of those, plus the dressing was fat-free, so I did need more fats.
I also had the strawberry banana overnight oats and the chocolate yogurt mess and they didn’t disappoint! I added an actual banana to the oats in the morning and that made them even better. And of course, the chocolate yogurt mess was amazing! Chocolate Greek yogurt with Bear Naked granola and half a banana—yum!

Yep, those are flax seeds (and a banana chunk)

Chocolate+granola+banana=pure yum

Other than that, the rest of my day wasn’t too great. My neck is feeling a little bit better but not much L And I’m really just getting annoyed with my roommate. We never really hit it off, and she barely talks to me, unless I ask her something first. And she just sits at her computer every time she’s in the room, which is the majority of the time. That’s what really annoys me. I’m out for like 7 straight hours three times a week and I get like a one hour break to myself for dinner! Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually better, but for the next few weeks she doesn’t have her first class, so she just sits at her computer until her next class starts. It bugs me because I do workouts in my room when I’m alone, like yoga and cardio, and I feel really weird doing it when she’s in there so I have to cram it all in later. And I feel awkward eating around her, but I don’t know if I can just like tell her to leave when I have breakfast. I feel like I’m always compromising, and I barely get the room to myself. Okay, rant over!
Q’s: Have you ever been to a salad restaurant? Any suggestions for what to do about my roommate?


  1. I can't even imagine having to deal with that stuff with a roommate. Guess I should, since I'll be going to college pretty soon.

    I guess the best thing to do would be just to try and explain as best as you can (and feel comfortable with) why you want her to leave if you get to the point where you can ask her to leave so you can eat. It may sound weird, but maybe she'll understand. Can't hurt to try.

  2. The oats look so good! I will have to try a chocolate oats mix very soon.
    I have never been to a salad resturant but I would love to try one. A place just opened in my town and I have to make sure I get over there and check it out. Your salad sounded really good, and I'm proud of you for adding the edamame, way to go with those healthy fats(:
    As for your roomate, I may just politely try to explain how you're feeling. If she takes it well or badly, either way you will gain something because you have stated your position. You never know if you don't try and the way she reacts is out of your control!
    I wish you the best of luck(:

  3. I have never been to a salad restaurant, but it sounds really good! I'm glad you knew that those healthy fats are important and didn't give in to the ED! And those oats look so amazing! I love to see your experiments!

    About the roomate - I think honesty is always the best. If you can, try to explain how you're feeling. And I know that you know this, but watch the exercise. You probably don't need to be doing much cardio! (I do love yoga myself though!)


  4. Hey Ash. Overnight oats and yogurt messes are the best. I love reading that other people love them too.
    I have in fact been to a salad restaurant. We have a chain of them where I live, it's called Saladworks. I don't know if you have those where you live, but is pretty much a salad bar where the employee puts all the ingredients in the container or bowl for you.
    As for your roomate, I think it is ok to let her know you feel like you'd like a little bit more alone time in the room. My mom allways told me, "You can always say anything, as long as you say it nicely" Tell her a bit about the situation and what you want, but in the nicest way possible.


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