Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Part 2

Thank you all so so so SO much for your encouraging words on my anniversary post! It’s so great to have such a supportive community as we all deal with daily struggles and triumphs.
My spring break so far has been…eh. Since my mom and sister have their spring break next week, I’ve pretty much just been chilling at home by myself for a few hours until my mom gets home from work and then every day we’ve been going out and getting job applications. I seriously have almost a dozen already, and I only started looking on Sunday! My parents are basically making me get a job this summer, and I’m really nervous that I won’t get accepted at any of them and then I don’t know what my parents will do. I’ve been kind of struggling with my relationship with them these past few days. All they’re focused on is me getting a job, and they pretty much don’t want to spend any time with me, unless it’s to help me fill out an online application. I would like to get a job, so I have more money to buy clothes and such, but I feel so much pressure right now. On top of that, it seems like they pretty much don’t want me around this summer at all, because they said I either get a job or take summer classes at my university. Well, you have to pay for summer classes, and it’s kind of a lot of money. I thought they wanted me to get a job just so I could pay for my own stuff and not be a financial strain on them, but it seems like they just don’t want me around. So that’s been really tough to deal with.

My outfit today--I LOVE it!
 It hasn’t been that warm or sunny here lately. I’ve been wanting to lay out on my deck and tan in the mornings, but the sun only comes out around 2 or 3! And it’s been super-windy, but today it’s supposed to be 70 degrees!
My foot is still in pain every time I walk, but I’m getting used to it. I think I sprained it or something, so I’m still not doing any running. It’s been hard not to, because of all the stress I’ve been dealing with. My ED voice is coming back stronger, and I’ve been slightly restricting since I first got home. I am doing yoga, which is a great stress-reliever for me, so that helps. I got a new iPod app that has more intense yoga flows and I gotta tell you, they actually make me work up a sweat and my arms and legs are burning afterwards! Never thought yoga could be so intense ;)

Delicious cheese-less pizza I had last night
 One upside to being home is that I have access to more food, so I’ve been experimenting and trying new recipes. On Monday, I made quinoa turkey patties for dinner and they were delish! They were kind of like falafel, so I served them in pita bread with cucumbers and homemade tzatziki sauce. Yum! I had leftover quinoa that I already cooked so I put it in the fridge and used it yesterday and today for breakfast. Yep, you heard right, I made myself a bowl of quinoa for breakfast and I loved it! Today’s combo was orange fudgie paste mixed with cold quinoa and 2 teaspoons of almond butter. It was so good! I never thought I’d be eating quinoa at breakfast, but it makes a good alternative to oats and it has a lot of protein, too.

Dinner on Monday

Yummy cukes

Chocolate-covered quinoa=love

I’m supposed to go somewhere on Friday with my family, so I hope that still happens. We were planning on going to the aquarium, possibly clothes shopping and then getting a nice dinner up there so I’m looking forward to that. And hopefully the sun comes out soon!
Q’s: What is your favorite way to eat quinoa? How do you deal with stress so that it doesn’t end up making you fall back into ED habits?


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your ED thoughts have been difficult to deal with. Do you think they are stronger because of your fears about your parent and your's relationship? I think that you might want to bring up the way your feeling with them. Most likely they don't realize that their actions are making you feel that way, and truly do enjoy your company.
    I love quinoa, it's so good. And you pink outfit looks adorable(:
    I hope that things get easier and that you can listen to your healthy voice, keep up the amazing work!

  2. your quinoa dish sounds yummy! esp that fudgie :D..
    i LOVE quinoa-- you can make it sweet or savory! i did a staple sunday post this week with TONS of recipes with quinoa which you should check out if you havent! :) have a beautiful day!

  3. I agree, your outfit is really cute!

    I understand how you must be feeling about your parents. Do you think you might be able to talk to them about it? Maybe you could ask them specifically why you have to either get a job or take classes. You might feel much better if you clarify things with them. I hope it all works out.

    My favorite way to eat quinoa is just...plain. Dunno, I just really like the taste that way.

  4. Hi Pretty Lady!

    Okay, so I have to add my two cents here and remember I'm 32!

    It is probably not a case of your parents not wanting you around. They are just interested in seeing yo get out in the world, be productive, gain skills, etc. Weather it be school or a job, they want you to be doing stuff all summer.
    There are a LOT of hours to fill during a summer and most parents would rather see their children "doing" something rather than just watching tv, hanging, chilling....sleeping late.

    I have a strong feeling that is the case, and I really hope it is because reading your words made me so sad! That must be so hard to feel like you are not wanted or that you are "intruding" or something.

    Maybe you can use your kitchen swagger and offer to cook for them one night and all sit down and enjoy a dinner together?

    I hope going to the aquarium will help assuage these feelings.



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