Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break Part 3

Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s finally sunny here and warmer than yesterday which makes me really happy. I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the nice fresh air.
The last few days have been pretty busy, but really good, for me. Thursday was the last day I had the house to myself for a few hours, so I got the opportunity to do some yoga outside on my deck. I’ve never done it outside, and I think I’ll definitely have to do it again sometime soon because it was even better than doing it inside. But, I noticed when I was out that it smelled really strongly like a campfire. I checked Facebook and the local news station had posted that there was a fire less than 5 miles from my house! I’m used to there being fires a lot, because I live in a really dry state and we get forest and grass fires a lot, but it was still really scary. Luckily, only a barn was destroyed in the fire.

Before the hair cut

My lovely St. Patty's Day outfit

I also got my hair cut on Thursday night. Nothing too drastic, just a trim and I got my bangs cut so they’re more side-swept. I like my hair so much now because my bangs are more noticeable.
Yesterday was soooooo much fun! My dad took a day off of work so we could go up to Denver. We went to the aquarium first, and I loved seeing all the fish and birds. I’ve only been to a few aquariums, but I think this one is my favorite, because they have lots of things, like a flash flood simulator (you get really wet!), people scuba diving with sharks and an area where you can touch and feed stingrays. I had a lot of fun and took tons of pictures.

Really cool urchin-type thing

It's Dory!!!!!!

Afterwards, we went to my favorite gelato place. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures, but it was half raspberry, half soy chocolate gelato and it was AMAZING! Chocolate and raspberry is my favorite flavor combo ever!

Jellyfish (not gelato lol)
Then we drove to my favorite Denver mall so I could do a little shopping. My sister and I went off on our own to our favorite stores. My sis didn’t end up buying anything because she didn’t have any money, but I did! I ended up getting a floral dress from Hollister and some pink leather sandals from American Eagle. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up a little bit more so I can wear them!

I love anything floral

And of course, anything pink!

After the mall, we got dinner at a Thai place nearby. I’m not a huge fan of most Thai food, because I really hate coconut, but I ended up getting the shrimp spring rolls, which were okay. It was basically just a rice paper wrapper with rice noodles, mint and a tiny bit of shrimp. They were pretty flavorless, but “safe” for my ED. I also had some edamame. Once we got back home, I was really hungry, but it was 10 o’ clock, so I felt uncomfortable eating then. My ED voice was really strong, so I skipped a snack (even though I probably needed one) and ended up doing more yoga before I watched the Tonight Show with my family. ED was happy, but I wasn’t. I’m so sick of letting him control my life lately. It’s really getting old. I’ve been getting along with my parents so much better, but ED keeps butting back into my life telling me I’m so fat and ugly, blah blah blah. I hope that I can go back to eating a normal amount when I return to school, but it’s going to be really hard. Since no one will be around to watch what I eat, I’m afraid I’m just going to give in to ED and not eat very much. But I’m going to try my very hardest to fight back.
I’m about to go play tennis with my dad and sister again—I can’t wait! We might go get Starbucks or gelato (again!) afterwards so wish me luck that I can decide to get something substantial afterwards to fuel my workout. Have a great Saturday, ladies J
My view doing yoga outside


  1. Glad you had fun at the aquarium! I haven't been to one in a long time, but they are so fun. I love jellyfish (well if they are behind glass, not on the beach, hehe)!

    You're right, your week sounds alot like mine - fun, but totally challenging. Keep fighting, you CAN be healthy when you go back to school. Both of us will get through this. :)

    Oh and I'm totally jealous of where you live - it looks beautiful!

  2. Ashley please! ED? Screw him! He's an ass and a liar. You are nowhere near fat. But let's make a hypothetical situation for a sec. Say you were. Would that really be the end of the world? Would you be any less of a person if you were a smidge chubby. No, no, NO! You would still be the amazing wonderful woman that you are. And as remarkable and extraordinary as you are on the inside, you are as breathtakingly stunning on the outside. Never, EVER doubt or question that. Because you are beautiful.

    I love your dress and sandals. They are adorable!

  3. I love this post...hope the day with the fam turned your feelings around and I love that you did yoga outside...

    but most selfishly...I REALLY love your outfits and I need you to know if you ever post about visiting South Florida I will beg you to be my fashion consultant and take me shopping.

  4. Yoga sounds really nice outside. I've been enjoying the warmer weather (fifty is considered hot around here!) and sitting in the sun. Yay for spring!

    I hope you had a good spring break! I love your pictures from the aquarium...especially the one of Dory! Finding Nemo is one of my favorites!

    You look so nice in those photos! Don't listen to ED's stupid lies, you are perfect just the way you are. Take care of yourself, okay?


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