Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break Part 1

Hola chicas! I hope your weekend went well and your Monday won’t be too rough on you.
Tomorrow through Thursday, I have the house to myself from 8 am til 2 pm so I’m not sure what’s gonna go down then. It’ll be nice to just relax and chill. My spring break so far has been pretty busy, and it’s only the second day!
Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods and Super Target with my dad to get groceries that I needed for the week and for a few recipes. I got a bunch of stuff, but I was disappointed to find out that WF does NOT sell peanut flour! Since there is no Trader Joe’s in the state, I guess I will have to go without (or maybe order online…) There were a few free samples as usual but I only tried some salsa and a little oatmeal pancake from a mix. It was really tasty so I think I’ll have to buy some of that mix.
Last night, I made pineapple cinnamon rolls from scratch. Everything was going smoothly until I plopped the dough onto a cutting board and realized it was wayyyyy too sticky for me to flatten and roll up! I added some more flour, and it worked a little better, but the dough was really thick and impossible for me to roll out, so I did the best I could with my hands and then let them rise. They were either supposed to rise at room temperature for 40 minutes or in the fridge overnight—I did both, which did not work. They rose when I had them out but then I put them in the fridge and this morning, they were almost as flat as pancakes! Luckily, they were a little less sticky, so I tried to roll them into cinnamon roll shapes and popped them in the oven. They spread out but stayed pretty flat and when I tasted them, they were kinda bland. My dad had one and he agreed, but he said the pineapple part was good. So that was a disappointment.

Lunch, part 1--ice water, pineapple, chocolate brownie Pure bar

After lunch, my dad, sister and I headed out to go play tennis. But my dad really wanted to take me to pick up job applications for the summer so we stopped at a few places and most of them told us to just apply online. I was kinda mad, because he was trying to convince me to work at fast-food type places, which are out of the question for me. So we kind of got into a fight but it was definitely better once we actually started playing tennis. We played for an hour, even though it was really cold and windy (at one point, it snowed a little bit!) and my sister and I were wearing shorts. Even though my foot still hurt, I still had a lot of fun and improved a little bit at my backhand.
Lunch, part 2--romaine and mixed green salad topped with Soysation cheddar, chipotle hummus and maple apple chicken sausage
Back at home, I had dinner planned: Philly cheesesteaks. Well, I was making a vegan version for myself and a regular version for my parents, since they’re not really into vegetarian or vegan things. Mine was made from Gardein beefless tips, orange and yellow bell peppers, white onion and a little slice of vegan pepper jack cheese on Whole Foods ciabatta. Seriously, it was really good. I hate red meat of any kind, so this was a great alternative for me. Unfortunately, I had to touch some deli roast beef and actual cheese and I was so grossed out but my parents ended up loving their sandwiches. My dad even tried a little of the beefless tips and he liked them.

Vegan Philly, carrots, spicy pepper mustard and baked Alexia waffle fries=YUM!
I also tried making a fudgie again, this time using maple syrup and orange extract. OMG, so rich and fudge-like! I refrigerated it and I’m planning on having it with my snack tonight. I can’t wait!

All it takes to make a fudgie is 3 ingredients (plus water)

Thanks for the questions so far on my last post! I can’t wait to answer them tomorrow but I’d love more questions, so keep ‘em coming if you haven’t already! And get ready for tomorrow’s post!


  1. YAY! your fudgie looks perfect- hope it taste just as good :D... and wow i love your sandwich idea- that sounds delicious!! ah sorry about the peanut flour.. Trader JOes actually discontinued it anyways, so i dont think its available from them anymore.. BUT there are a few other companies that do sell various forms of it, so just check online! have an awesome week!

  2. It's worth getting through the yuckies when you can make people smile with food, isn't it?

  3. I can definitely understand not wanting to work at a fast-food place. They totally gross me out and make me mad.
    Your fudgie looks good. I've been wanting to try them for so long and was just thinking about making them after breakfast today!

  4. You're fudgie looks so good! I want to try one soon. And I just bought a Pure for the first time the other day, it was actually really good, and way cheaper that Larabars. Your cheese"steak" sounds yummy.


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