Saturday, March 12, 2011

ABCs and Q&A

Hi girls, hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far! I’m having a great spring break already and it’s only the first day J
So today I wanted to do the ABC thing that’s been going around because it’s fun and random…but I also wanted to ask you guys to ask me any questions you’d like to ask about my recovery journey, food, fashion, whatever comes to mind. I want to do a special post on Monday with all the answers to your questions, so feel free to leave them in the comments section—you can definitely give me more than one!
Ok, so here goes with the ABC’s of me!
A-Age: 18, but I can’t wait to turn 19 in almost 4 months! I just like odd numbers better for some reason, haha
B-Bed Size: Twin at home and twin extra-long at school. Yeah, I know, they’re not very roomy
My lovely bed
C-Chore I Dislike: Washing dishes—I hate touching other people’s half-eaten food
D-Dogs: Never had any but I’d love a greyhound!

E-Essential Start to Day: Organic cereal and yoga
F-Favorite Color: Pink! But I love orange too

I changed my outfit 3 times today and each outfit included a LOT of pink ;)

G-Gold or Silver: Most def silver
H-Height: 5’1…yes, I am very small!
I-Instruments I’ve Played: The piano, clarinet, tenor saxophone and alto saxophone but I haven’t played any of them in a looooooong time!
J-Job Title: One day I hope it’s news anchor but now it’s just college student
K-Kids: I want twin girls!
L-Live: Northern Colorado during the school year, southern Colorado on breaks and some weekends

My hometown :)
 M-Mom’s Name: Um, I call her Mommy (lol)
N-Nicknames: My real name is Ashley, so an obvious one is Ash
O-Overnight Hospital Stays: Luckily, no!
P-Pet Peeves: When you’re sitting in a row of desks that are all connected and the person next to you move in their chair and it moves you too—ugh, so annoying
Q-Quote from a Movie: “I gotta meet this fricken bird!” hahaha from The House Bunny, such a funny movie
R-Righty or Lefty: Righty
S-Siblings: One sister who’s 3 1/2 years younger than me…she’s my BFF J
T-Time I Wake Up: No later than 9:30 or I feel like I wasted the whole day
U-Underwear: What, me wear underwear?! Hahaha jk I mostly wear Victoria’s Secret PINK undies
V-Vegetable I Dislike: Arugula. It just ruins a perfectly good salad!

W-What Makes Me Run Late: Making sure I have everything I need…several times. Yes I’m paranoid.
X-X-rays: Teeth, right ankle, left wrist
Y-Yummy Food I Make: I love making healthy desserts and twists on different cuisines, like a Greek Panini or an Asian fish sandwich
Z-Zoo Animal Favorites: I like flamingos because they’re pink and I also like those okapi things that look kinda like zebras.
No, not these flamingos!
Q’s: Leave any questions for me in the comments below and I’ll post the answers on Monday!


  1. Hey Ashley! I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! Your determination in your recovery is very inspirational. :-)
    ~ I'm 5'1'' too. Go short people! :-P
    ~Pink=love. Also my favorite color by far!
    A question I have is what role has God played in your recovery?

  2. One of my favorite animals is an okapi, too!

    Hmm, questions. I like Jess's question above for recovery. Also do you ever compare what you eat to what your sister eats and if so how do you get past that? (That's a major area that I need to work on still)

    Fun question - what's your favorite place to shop for clothes? :)

    I hope your spring break is wondeful!

  3. I love these ABCs. Your bed spread is so cute.

    What do you wish you could take back from you ED the most?
    If you could relive any moment in your life, what would it be?

    Thanks girl! <3


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