Thursday, May 19, 2011

WIAW Numero Uno

So it’s my first official What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)! I’m so excited to do this, so I’m also gonna share with you what I wore and did yesterday. Basically it’s WIAWADW ;)
Breakfast: organic flax waffle topped with dark chocolate fudgie, Morningstar spicy veggie sausage, banana nut Vitatop, blueberries (and sour Flintstones gummy vitamins, lol)
After breakfast, I did some yoga!
I wish I could be this flexible! (from weheartit)

Please ignore the bathroom stuff, this is the best place to take a picture ;)

Then I got dressed (of course!). White Merona cardigan (Target), blue and coral floral button-down tank (Hollister), blue linen cargo shorts (American Eagle), white pearl and diamond necklace (American Eagle), various bangles and bracelets (American Eagle). My hair was still a little curly from when I curled it on Tuesday, so I pulled it into cute pigtails!

Then it was on to the chore of the day...MOPPING! Oh, so much fun (jk).

(from weheartit)

Lunch: sweet potato topped with crunchy almond butter, cinnamon and a dash of cayenne pepper (I like my taters spicy and sweet!), grapes and Bear Naked Fit vanilla almond granola (water to drink, of course)
I did some more yoga, read through "People StyleWatch" (favorite magazine ever!) until my mom and lil sis came home.
Snack: mini Chocolate Brownie Clif bar, big bowl of blueberries and golden raspberries (I loooooooooove berries!) and a Clif Kids Twisted Fruit rope, more water to drink
My mom was too tired to cook so my dad brought home takeout for dinner from a Mexican place. I don't like that place but I wanted something similar to the rest of my family...
Dinner: Flatout light wrap with jalapeno almond cheese, black beans and lime juice (vegan quesadilla!), baby carrots, fresh pico de gallo salsa, cocoa banana smoothie (unsweetened chocolate soymilk, packet Truvia, 1/2 banana), date stuffed with crunchy almond butter
My dad went to go see “Water for Elephants” so me, my mom and sister just chilled at home. I took a shower, did a little more yoga and also a 6 minute cardio circuit!
Snack: Stonyfield nonfat Gotta Have Java (coffee) froyo, 2 Whole Foods duplex cookies (like Oreos but so much yummier and healthier)
Then I watched Headlines on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and went to bed!

Q’s: What was the best thing you ate on Wednesday (or today)? If you do workouts like cardio or yoga, do you like splitting them up throughout the day (like I do) or getting them all done at once?


  1. All of the food looks yummy! And you looked cute in your outfit! XXHugsXX

    The best thing I ate today is my own slow cooker spicy pulled chicken breast sandwich. Yum.

    I enjoy yoga. I do it every morning when I get up and wake slowly to the day then have a cup of coffee.

    My idea of cardio is walking. Ha ha ha. Nothing hardcore for this gal for time being!

  2. Everything looks so yummy girl(:

  3. I'm so proud of you for eating all of this stuff :) It looks very well balanced!!
    The best thing I ate today? Annie's cookies + greek yogurt + crunchy almond butter. Yumm

  4. love your food!!! sounds like a great day!! i love all the yoga!

  5. Hi,I'm 30 years old...lots older...but relate to your story. Currently very very underweight. Ugh. If you want to chat , u can email me at (or .ca) can't remember :)

  6. Your outfit is gorgeous!!! If I ever need fashion advice, I know who to ask! :-)
    All of this food looks delicious, nutritious, and very balanced- good for you! <3


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