Thursday, January 27, 2011

Better Days Ahead

Sorry for the downer post yesterday! I just wanted to get my feelings out there, and while I like to stay positive most of the time, sometimes you just have to say what needs to be said. I'm definitely feeling a lot better about everything today--maybe because it's my half birthday today! This post will be very positive, promise J
I am very excited for this weekend. I’m going home to see my family! It’s only been 11 days since I’ve seen them, but going back to school after a month off for Christmas was a rough transition. I feel like my family is my rock, my support through everything, so I definitely enjoy going back down to see them. I usually go back every other weekend, but I don’t get to spend much time at home, since I don’t get back usually until Friday evening and then I have to leave on Sunday afternoon. But I enjoy every second I have with them, since I don’t see them all that often. Being away at college has definitely made me appreciate them more, and I’m so grateful to have such a great family.
I’m excited to make dinner this weekend. I love cooking, but now I hardly get to do any real cooking since I’m in a dorm. It’s gonna be fun getting back in the kitchen to make something yummy for my family.
I might end up going to Starbucks or a gelato place, too, which is fun. I feel like with my disordered thoughts, I don’t allow myself treats much and I think that after what I’ve been through these past two weeks, I DESERVE a treat. Take that, ED!
I can’t wait to see my sister again. We have a really close relationship, even though I’m usually miles away from her. She might end up being pretty busy this weekend, but I will enjoy every moment I do get to spend with her.
I’m more than ready for a break from my thoughts. I think that when I’m home, away from all the stress at school, I can focus more on living and recovering, without it being a daily struggle. I still want to be at the school I’m at, because I’m so excited to start my career, but I know that for me, I need the support I get at home every once in a while. It makes me stronger.
I’m ready for this weekend to start…I’m ready to start back on the road to recovery and this time, I’m gonna stick to it!


  1. I hope you have an awesome weekend! Go for the treat at starbucks - I love to get coffee at dunkin donuts a couple times a week as a "reward" for myself. =)

    My sister and I are close too, and she's coming home this weekend, which is exciting. I hope you have a good time with your family!

    And never apologize for a downer post - this is your place to write.

  2. Sometimes you just NEED to say what needs to be said. Amen sistah friend. That's what the bloggy is all about. Get it out.

  3. Thanks for the encouraging comments! It can be hard to get my feelings out but I know it's the best thing for me. The best of luck to both of you in your own struggles--I know you can do it!


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