Thursday, January 20, 2011

On a Different Note...

I decided I wanted to do a non-eating disorder related post. I’ve been thinking about it too much lately and focusing on my “flaws” and I realized I needed to take a step back and reflect on the things I do well.
I like photography. I’m not considering it as a career at the moment, but it’s just something fun I like to do in my free time. I take a lot of pictures of myself (for Facebook, of course) but I also like taking pictures of the great outdoors. Being outside makes me calm and happy—I just love the energy fresh air gives me. I would love to live in a big city someday, but I also would love to have a house in the mountains or the beach so I could get away from it all. Nature really is inspiring and beautiful. But I also take artistic photos of other objects in my life and I really like seeing how they turn out.
One of my favorite places--Rocky Mountain National Park
 in Colorado (my almost home state)

Just your average TV remote from a different angle

Just thought this looked cool

Bright sunny day and a firetruck ladder...oh yeah :)

We made mini s'mores over a candle on New Years--
best new tradition EVER!

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