Monday, February 28, 2011

Bad Raw-mance

Heya bloggies! Hope you all had a fab weekend—you can read about mine in this post.
Today is going to be all about my new food finds. I got a lot of things at Whole Foods (favorite grocery store ever!) that are brand new to me and I wanted to share in case you’d like to try them (if you haven’t already).
First up is related to the title—did you catch my Lady Gaga reference?—I had my first ever raw bar. It’s called Pure Bar and boy is it yummy! There are 6 flavors but I was only able to find 4 and I’ve only tried 2: Wild Blueberry and Chocolate Brownie.

Who knew raw food could be so yummy?

If you’ve never had raw food, don’t be intimidated because these are really good bars. They’re similar to Larabars in texture, but much better in my opinion. They’re basically just eight or nine ingredients (nuts, fruit and dates pretty much) and have a good amount of protein and healthy fats. And they’re organic, gluten-free and vegan. Oh, did I mention they are super-yummy?! The brownie one tasted just like a fudgy walnut brownie, but much healthier. The blueberry one was like a healthy pastry. Definitely check these out!

A brownie with omega 3s? Yes, please :)
I also tried blood oranges for the first time. Can I just say…why didn’t I try these earlier? Seriously, better than a plain old orange and so pretty on the inside.
And I thought I hated blood ;)
Cascadian Farm came out with a new cereal called Chocolate O’s. It looks like Chocolate Cheerios but I’m sure it’s way yummier. It’s organic and pretty low in sugar and has some fiber. It doesn’t have a strong chocolate taste, but I like it a lot. It’s great if you want a kids cereal without all the weird ingredients.

Organic and chocolate? Yummy!
For dinner, I had an Amy’s veggie burger, the Texas variety. I wanted to try this one because it has 12 grams of protein and the barbecue flavor sounded intriguing. It didn’t disappoint! Next time, I would put it on some kind of bun with mustard and veggies.
This seriously looks like a cow pie but trust me, it isn't!
And for dessert, I’m planning on having an apple cinnamon breakfast pita with almond butter. I really liked the cranberry-orange flavor, so hopefully I’ll like this one too.
Q’s: Have you ever eaten any raw food? Do you love cereal (like I do)?


  1. I've never eaten a 'raw food' bar, no!
    And I LOVE cereal. And oatmeal. Kashi is pretty much my life.
    I also really like FiberOne cereals.

    But is that all you had for dinner, Ash? Yea, make sure to get that pita and load it up with almond butter! That's a small dinner, ha

    Thinking of you :) <3

  2. I've never tried that Pure Bar brand. I'll look out for it the next time I'm in Whole Foods. The only one I've had is the Lara bar.

    I love cereal, but mostly in yogurt. In milk it does't seem so filling.

  3. I eat lots of food raw...fruit, lettuce...don't you? LOL.
    I actually make a "pasta" out of zuchhini though...more of a raw foodie thing. You should try it. You need a julienne peeler or a mandolin.

    I'm not a big fan of cereal...I like it for fun and comfort...I eat it for dessert, but it doesn't fuel me. Just makes me want more!

    Glad you had fun at that dance.

  4. I have tried some raw food and I've really liked it but I am still hesistant to buy the whole raw-vegan lifestyle, it just isn't for me!
    I LOVE cereal, as you know, it pretty much defines my exsistance, which is sad.
    Truth be told, I really don't like Amy's veggie burgers, they are just too dense for me. But I haven't tried the texas variety so if you say it was good I may give it a second chance!

  5. I love it raw! It being anything, and everything. That cereal looks really tasty, thanks for sharing! I'll be sure to pick some up next time I'm at Whole Foods. Cereal is my bingeing food though, so I'll have to be sure to be extra careful!

  6. I love Pure Bars! So good :)


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