Thursday, February 17, 2011

Overnight Oats in a...Blender Bottle!

I’ve decided to jump in on this OOIAJ (overnight oats in a jar) trend. I didn’t have a jar on hand, but I got creative and decided to use my blender bottle, sans the weird metal springy thing.
I also got creative and created my own easy-peasy recipe which I called Caramel Cappuccino Protein Oats (okay, not so creative name). It’s got 21 grams of protein—not too shabby!
Take 1/2 packet of Kashi GoLean truly vanilla oatmeal, 1/2 scoop Soytein cappuccino protein powder (Soytein’s got all kinds of crazy flavors, but just use whatever protein powder you like), 1 container Oikos caramel Greek yogurt and a little water and stir together. It ended up pretty thick, but boy, was it yummy! I especially loved the little flax seeds from the oatmeal sprinkled throughout. I didn’t notice the oats too much, though, which was disappointing.
Looks yucky, tastes yummy!
I also had a delicious yogurt mess for lunch today! It was my first time making one, and it was super-simple and good. I sliced up a banana, mixed it with 1 container Oikos chocolate Greek yogurt (yes, I’m a little obsessed), a teaspoon of crunchy almond butter and 1/4 cup Bear Naked Fit vanilla almond granola. OMG, this was like a dessert so I couldn’t believe it had 14 grams of protein in it! Next time, I would add a little more AB because I didn’t really taste it!

Greek yogurt+chocolate+banana+AB+granola? Count me in!
On another note, I think I’m starting to make peace with my body. Like last night, I was brushing my teeth in my floor’s common bathroom, which has a full-length mirror in it. Sometimes, I hate what I see in it, but I think I saw the real me last night. I was wearing these brown striped leggings that usually make me so self-conscious, but I actually admired how my legs looked in them. They looked muscular and fit, not huge and fat like I usually think. I realized that I’ll never look like those lanky tall girls…and that’s okay! I’m more on the petite yet muscular side and I should embrace that. Yes, I am smaller-framed than a lot of people, but that’s how I’m supposed to be. People might think I’m weak based on my size, but I’m actually pretty decent at arm-wrestling ;) I don’t know why, but my body puts on muscle from the simplest things—I’m no body-builder, but yoga’s helping me get toned and fit. And I like that!
Q’s of the Day: Have you ever made overnight oats? Or a yogurt mess? How are you making peace with your body?


  1. I want to find a good overnight oats recipe!
    And I eat yogurt messes on a daily basis(;
    I'm really happy that you've been able to start finding body peace! Thats amazing. I think that its really important to shift the focus from what you're not happy about with your body and jsut accept it as it is.
    Great job girl!

  2. Both look so good! My favorite thing to do is mix the oats, cinnamon, peanut butter and maple syrup - yum! I only indulge once in awhile, though.

    I've been having similar experiences with seeing my body for what it really is. I'm glad that you're moving toward having that healthy relationship. =]

  3. I think I have a similar build to you because I'm small, but muscular and I will never look like the models in the magazines. Sometimes that bothers me, but then I remind myself that I'm just as beautiful as they are and everyone is different. It sounds like your doing well and I'm so happy that you're makeing peace with your body!

    I have never tried overnight oats, but after seeing them EVERYWHERE, I really want to.
    And those yogurt flavors sound amazing!

  4. Yum! They both look delicious :) I'm just now getting into experimenting with oatmeal, so I'll have to try these recipes!

    It's great that you are appreciating your body :) I'm muscular, too. And sometimes it's hard for me to look at my stomach and not see a six-pack. But I just have to realize that my body will get fit and trim, but my stomach just doesn't hold that much abs while still looking healthy! The little time I did have amazing abs I looked sickly elsewhere! ha

    Also, I love greek yogurt :) Yumyum
    And thanks for your comments. They are wonderful & very much appreciated
    <3 Haley

  5. Wow Ash! I'm proud of you that you got one step closer to loving your bod! It is sooo important and it's a major deal that you realized this. Good for you!!!

    I remember my mom making me yogurt messes as a bedtime snack when I was about 5. I've always loved 'em. As for overnight oats, I tried them for the first time today, and I fell in love; they are absolutely delicious!!


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