Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Me, Stylish? Why, Thank You!

Happy Wednesday, fellow bloggies J I woke up to a great surprise this morning—I found out I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by the wonderful Bryana (thanks, girl!)

So here are the rules—As a winner of this award, recipients need to:
1. Write a post and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

Okay, it took me forever to come up with 7 things so I hope they give you a little more insight into the person behind the blog—me!

1. I am OBSESSED with fashion. Most people on my campus wear hoodies and leggings everyday...not me! I always plan my outfits in advance, I dress nice no matter what and I love shopping. I also have my own fashion blog, which you can read here.

Sorry about the horrible photo quality, it was taken in a dark Hollister dressing room!
  2. I've lived in Colorado most of my life but I was born in Phoenix, AZ in the middle of summer (so it was super-hot!) I'm kind of an outdoorsy girl but also a city girl, and I want to move back to Phoenix after I graduate from college.

I visited my hometown last spring break and it was GORGEOUS

3. I’ve fractured my right ankle and sprained my left wrist but I never had to go to the hospital for either injury! When I fractured my ankle in 4th grade, I was in an acro (tumbling) dance class and karate but I never found out exactly how I broke it. I had to get an MRI and I thought it was the coolest thing, because I got to watch cartoons when they did it!
4. I used to want to be a veterinarian, so I shadowed one back in 5th grade. I saw all kinds of things, including a dog being euthanized. It was the saddest thing, so I guess that’s why I ended that career path.
5. Me and my younger sister are super-close. We’re only 3 1/2 years apart, so people have actually confused us as twins! Since I’ve been in college, we’ve only gotten closer even though the distance between us is bigger. I would have to say that she’s my best friend!
Yes, we are a little goofy :)
6. I'm majoring in broadcast journalism with hopes of being a news anchor or possibly meteorologist. Last year, I was part of a district-wide high school TV news team and for the first semester, I was the only girl! So I got to anchor a lot of the time and I loved it! We also had to film, write and produce our own stuff, so it was a great experience. Here's one of my newscasts, you don't have to watch the whole thing since they're pretty long.
7. When I was a baby, I had blonde hair and blue eyes. Now I have light brown hair and hazel eyes. Weird, huh?

So this is really late and most of you have probably already been tagged, so here goes...
And if I haven't tagged you and you haven't done it yet, feel free to do so! Have fun!
What is one random fact about you?


  1. I love your facts! And you are much more stylish than I'll ever be! =)

    Hmm...a random fact? I have one of those yellow livestrong bracelets and I have worn it every day since fifth grade. I never take it off. It reminds me to keep fighting.

  2. I love the picture of you and your sis! It is adorable. And you were the cutest baby!

    Another random fact? I talk with the slightet bit of an NJ accent (I'm mean like coffee=cwaffee, caught=cwaught, call=cwall, bought=bwought) and my friends tease me about it. I don't get it...they're from NJ too!

  3. Love all the pics and thanks for the tag! I love your facts too. I bet you will make a wonderful stylish news anchor. :)

    Random fact: I make weekly lists like no one's business!

  4. Thank you so so much for the tag! I love all the facts(:
    I just want to say that I really appreciate you commmenting on my posts! It literally makes my day everytime I see one.

  5. I'm gonna have to check out your fashion blog ...I need some help in that department and yor outfit is super cute.
    That's one thing eating disorders steal om you at a point...self care and self interest. I literally just throw on clothes. Whatever. Standard uniform? Flips, tanks, and shorts. That's it.
    I've got cute stuff but ...why bother. I'm trying. I am glad you never lost your love of fashion.

  6. That's great that you and your sister are close :) Yall look cute together
    Also, love the outfit!
    And I've heard Colorado & Arizona are both gorgeous states. I would love to visit them one day :)
    Your eyes are gorgeous!
    I tried to watch the link, but it didn't work.. Anyway, I think you'd be a great newscaster/meteorologist! :)

    Thanks for tagging me, I'll do mine soon!
    <3 Haley


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