Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Name Change

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today’s post is gonna be short. All I really have to say is that I changed the name of my blog to be Actually Ash, because I think it defines my recovery journey better. I’m me; I shouldn’t be defined by my anorexia. I’m not exactly sure who I am yet, or who I might become, but I’m ready to find out what kind of girl I can be without my ED holding me back.
So don’t worry, the posts and everything are all there, and the blog URL is still the same, I just changed the name to make it fit a little better. Hope y’all like it!

This is me. Having a little bit too much fun with my phone's camera :)


  1. I like it! I've changed mine several times, and no doubt it will change again as my story continues. Keep posting! =)

  2. Love the change! And that picture of you is super pretty!


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