Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yoga & Yogurt

My Saturday so far has been pretty laidback. It usually is that way when I stay on campus for the weekend—on my weekends home, I’m usually running around like  a crazy woman trying to do everything at once so I don’t waste the time I have with my family. But it gave me a chance to do laundry and even some yoga time!
I have to say, I really love yoga. It was my first time doing it in almost 2 years and I missed it. I used to do it in my junior year PE class but I haven’t done it since. Then I got a free yoga app on my iPod touch and I thought it would be cool to try again. It’s great because you don’t need any special equipment or anything and it’s easy to do almost anywhere.
The app itself is really cool because you can either do the pose base they created or you can make up your own. I picked from all the poses and chose ten to do for a minute each, plus child’s pose at the end.
I’ve gotta admit that it was painful, but in a good way. I’m sure that when I’ve done the poses for longer, my body will be more stretched out and I’ll be used to them. Then I can do more advanced poses. I’m really excited to start doing yoga now! I’m gonna try to fit in 10 minutes a day and eventually work my way up from there. It’s an awesome workout, because it stretches you out and actually helps you relax. I think it’s gonna be a great tool on my recovery journey, because it’s not super-intense exercise that I could overdo.

Mmmm, Greek yogurt :)

On another note, I enjoyed some yummy Greek yogurt today! Greek yogurt is one of my favorite things to eat, since it’s so high in protein and it’s super-creamy, even though it’s fat free. I know I should focus on incorporating more fats into my diet…but that’s where almond butter comes in ;) Today, I had strawberry Oikos, which is my favorite brand. You have to stir up the yogurt so the real strawberry on the bottom gets mixed in, but it’s definitely worth it. My other favorite flavors are blueberry, caramel and chocolate! Yes, there is such a thing as chocolate Greek yogurt and yes, it’s amazing! My favorite ways to eat it is either frozen (homemade frozen yogurt), with Bear Naked granola or Kashi crackers or all by itself. If you’ve never tried Greek yogurt, you are definitely missing out! Oh, and the plain kind is great as “sour cream” on tacos and fajitas!
So my boring day has actually turned out to be pretty good! Hopefully you’ve had a great weekend so far. Now it’s back to the homework…


  1. Glad you're doing well, Ash!
    I love Greek yogurt, but I only buy it occasionally because its expensive where I live. I love chocolate yogurt though!

  2. I love yoga too. I used to force myself to do it on top of running and working out, but just like you I'm trying to have a healthier relationship with exercise now. I'm realizing how much I love it, now that I'm treating my body right.

    I can't say that I eat a lot of greek yogurt, but I'll have to try it sometime. I do love kashi crackers though. =)

    I'm glad you're having a good weekend! Stay strong!

  3. That's funny, we both posted about greek yogurt at the same time. I have had oikos, and I liked it, but my heart belongs to my beloved chobani. I have only had the plain and chocolate oikos, and I'll admit that the chocolate one is delish.

    I've never tried yoga, but I'm glad you like it. Many people have said how helpful yoga is for them, so it's great you can use it as a recovery tool!!! :-)


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