Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flavor of the Day

Do you ever have those days where one thing just really appeals to you for some reason? Yesterday was one of those days for me—I have a very mint-chocolate kind of day!
It started out with my second (good) batch of chocolate mint overnight oats. They were seriously creamy and simple—I just took one packet of Kashi GoLean vanilla oatmeal and mixed it with 1/4 cup of chocolate peppermint soymilk, put it in the fridge in my nifty blender bottle overnight and enjoyed it for breakfast. I also had a Morningstar Farms hot & spicy veggie sausage pattie that I somehow managed to burn a little in the microwave. I thought I was gonna set the smoke alarm off but luckily I didn’t and it was still (mostly) edible.

Apparently, this is available year-round!

My dessert at lunch was half of a Cool Mint Chocolate Clif bar…can I just say yum?! It is probably my favorite Clif bar flavor and surprisingly it is the lowest in sugar out of the original kinds—but it sure tastes like a mint brownie!

Prob the best Clif bar ever, just sayin'
Along with my Pad Thai noodles, protein “hot chocolate” and fruit salad at dinner, I also had a handful of Blue Diamond mint chocolate almonds. These are so good and I love that they’re roasted in cocoa powder instead of dipped in chocolate because it gives them a darker roasty flavor. Plain almonds are great, but these are perfect for mixing things up!
Mint, chocolate and combo ever!

A few other random foodie thoughts: I am slowly but surely trying to increase my fat intake by focusing on healthy fats. Today I had, for the first time ever, an entire TABLESPOON of almond butter. Yes, in the past I would have a teaspoon here or there, but over the course of today, I’ve consumed an entire tablespoon. Baby steps, but I’m working on it.
I’m about to have dinner, and part of tonight’s meal is these spicy falafel balls that you just pop in the micro for a few secs.
I love anything Middle Eastern! But what I thought was funny was that I was looking at the package last night and the sell by date said 02/31…as in, February 31st! Which of course doesn’t exist! Someone must have been a little confused about their months ;)
Didn't they learn the "30 days hath September" song in kindergarten?
And finally, I found a new flavor of Mix1, which is a type of fruit-based protein drink made in a town not too far from where I’m living. I really like them, and my favorite flavors were previously lime and mix berry, but now I’ve found strawberry-banana! Hopefully I will love this one even more…and I’ve heard there’s a new peach flavor as well!
Part of a future overnight oats experiment!
Q’s: What is your favorite flavor combination (such as chocolate and mint)? Have you ever tried Mix1?


  1. I've never tried mix1, but it sounds good! I love mint and chocolate. I also love anything peanut butter! But dark chocolate and raspberry is another favorite!

    That's funny about the date! =]

    Today was an oreo day for me. I've been craving them like mad. Pretty strange, right? You're not the only one with random flavor cravings!

  2. Mint and Chocolate, a match made in heaven! What a groovy way to start, and finish out the day. My favorite flavor combination is salty and sweet. I absolutely love salty things dipped in sweet things like pretzels in frosting (I used to work at a bakery when I discovered that one) or dipped in caramel. But I do not like pretzels on their own. Weird right?

  3. Oh gosh, I love chocolate-mint! Probably my favorite chocolate combination (closely followed by chocolate and caramel;).

    Hehe, I laughed about the expiration date!

  4. I LOOOOVE PEANUT BUTTER AND SWEET. Ha, anything sweet.
    Peanut butter and chocolate. Yum. But anything, really.
    I just bought some chocolate dusted almonds, though and they are delish! I would love to try the mint chocolate ones! :)
    Sounds like you had a delicious day!

    Oh, and I've never tried Mix1. I saw it at Kroger my last grocery trip, and I almost bought it, but for money reasons I didn't. I'll have to try some now, though, with your recommendation! :)

    <3 Haley

  5. Oh my gosh! I have only ever had the plain chocolate almonds, but the mint chocolate sounds incredible. And that "Sell By" date cracked me up :-)

    My favorite flavor combo is a lot of sweet things with peanut butter. In no particular order, pb+chocolate, pb+banana, and pb+strawberry jam are my top favorite combos. But honestly, that's not saying a lot because I love pb so much I'd probably eat peanut butter covered cardboard and say it was good. :-)


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